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These are some Vastu tips for home decoration

Digital Desk, New Delhi. Vastu attempts to create harmony between man and the natural world. There is a concept that arranging furniture, decor and furnishings according to Vastu can help create prosperity, health and a positive environment that will reduce stress and strengthen family ties.

It’s All About Home in association with Jai Madan brings to you some useful Vastu Tips for Living Room, which can be called Lady Luck.

It is important to warmly welcome visitors. Our culture attaches great importance to the greeting Namaste, the manner of holding hands reflects authenticity and gives an aura of cultural continuity. They can strengthen cultural ties if you keep them in your living room.

Since it is important to encourage mobility and avoid being stationary in one place, the sitting should include kriya or moving statues and horses. A living room with action features can always be the best option as they depict functions that bring dynamism to life.

The use of light is important in determining the atmosphere. Candles and lighting work as a means to create warmth between individuals and inspire romance and understanding among family members, ultimately resulting in stronger relationships.

Comfort is the top goal in every situation, along with cushion and throw position. Cushions of different sizes can be combined to create creative layering that is aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, colors have psychological resonance and have the power to evoke both pleasant and negative emotions. They have the ability to create or destroy spaces. Even in the most depressing situations, the relaxing aura created by the light yellow and white helps to keep our mind calm.


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