These diseases are easily vulnerable after corona virus, know how to prevent

Abhishek Mathur / Hapur, People who have recovered from corona infection in Uttar Pradesh are still facing new challenges related to health. Covid-19 has affected people not only physically, but also mentally. Due to Corona virus, heart, lungs, kidney and other organs have also been affected. The risk of many types of diseases has increased in the people who are in the grip of Kovid.

Dr. DK Kansal, senior physician of Hapur, Uttar Pradesh, says that those who have been victimized by Corona have seen problems of depression, anxiety, memory loss. Losing loved ones due to Corona, being isolated for a long time and due to the stress of being financially weak has seen an impact on mental health.

Patients suffering from Kovid are having breathing problems

Dr. Kansal told that most of the people who have had corona are getting complaints of phlegm. There is a problem of cough, shortness of breath and tightness in the chest for a long time. Those who already have respiratory problems are more worried. After Kovid, heart diseases have also been seen in people. People’s heartbeat is suddenly becoming abnormal. Complaints like blood clot and heart failure are also coming.

Do this remedy to avoid infection

He told that due to weak immune system, there is a high possibility of getting these diseases. To protect against these, there is a need to strengthen your immune system. For this, along with good food and drink, you will have to change your routine and lifestyle. Also, those who have complaints of infection should get vaccinated for their immune system. Heart patients should get their cholesterol and heart beat checked. They should also take special care of food and drink.

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