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These funny viral jokes will give you heavy dose of smile in hindi – News18 Hindi

Dentist – Your tooth will have to be extracted because it is rotten.

Pappu- Yes then how much money will it cost?

Dentist – It will take just 500 rupees.

Pappu- Take 50 rupees and loosen it a bit, I will take it out myself….

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The girl had an accident.

Doctor – Your feet are damaged.

Girl – wouldn’t that be right?

Doctor – No, they will have to be cut.

Girl – Oh no! What will I do now?

Doctor – Be patient. God will fix everything.

Girl – Hey, I am not worried about him. Actually I have bought new sandals only yesterday and it was written on that shop – “Sold goods will not be returned”.

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Mantu- Papa do I look like God?

Papa – No! But why are you asking like this son?

Mantu- Because papa wherever I go,

This is what everyone says, “Oh God has come again”.

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