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These mistakes make hair weak during hair oiling


Do not keep oil in the hair for a long time.
Do not tie the hair too tight after oiling.

Hair Oiling Mistake: We all have been hearing this since childhood that hair oiling is very beneficial for hair. The oil nourishes the hair and helps keep it hydrated. Regular oiling of hair keeps the problem of dryness at bay, due to which it avoids breakage. Not only this, by massaging oil, the blood flow in the hair scalp is good, due to which the hair remains strong.

Many people complain that despite applying oil to the hair, the hair remains weak and does not grow. Not only this, many people’s hair starts falling or breaking after applying oil. Here we tell you that due to which mistakes at the time of hair oiling, hair starts falling and becomes weak and breaks.

Never do these mistakes while oiling your hair

tie hair tight
Actually, when we apply oil in the hair, it increases the moisture in the hair and it becomes soft. In such a situation, if you pull them tight and tie them, then they will start breaking due to the stretch. Therefore, whenever you apply oil in the hair, instead of tying it tight, either keep it open or make a loose braid.

apply more oil
Many people apply so much oil to the hair that all the dirt around you starts sticking to the hair and the hair and skin pores get blocked. Apart from this, when you shampoo the hair, more shampoo has to be used to clean it, due to which the hair becomes damaged and dry. That’s why apply oil to the hair only in limited quantity.

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to comb
Combing should be avoided immediately after applying oil to the hair. By doing this the hair gets stretched and it breaks easily. Therefore, it would be better that you either detangle the hair with your fingers or if needed more, untangle them with a wide brush.

hair product selection
Whenever you use shampoo or conditioner after oiling your hair, choose products that are natural and chemical free. It will not stick to the hair and the hair will be saved from becoming weak.

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long oiling
If you keep oil in the hair for two to three days, then dirt pollution etc. will stick in the hair. Therefore, it would be better if you do hair oiling half an hour before shampoo and then clean the hair. With this there will be no problem of dandruff in the hair.(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general assumptions. Hindi news18 does not confirm them. Before implementing these, contact the concerned expert.)

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