These names of culture are better than modern, see full list

Baby Girl Names In Sanskrit : It is believed that your name leaves the first impression on the person in front of you. In such a situation, every parent wants that their child’s name should be the most special and meaningful. Nowadays people are moving towards their civilization and culture. In such a situation, people are giving importance to the names associated with Hindi and Sanskrit for the child. It is believed that the vibrations that come out while calling the children by these names affect both the one who takes the name and the one who hears it. If you want to choose your daughter’s name from Sanskrit (Girl Names in Sanskrit), then we have brought some very beautiful names for you, which are a better option than modern names. Here we are telling you the meaning of that name along with the name. Let’s know which are these best names of girls…

If you want to keep names for daughters with the letter ‘A’, then here are the options.

adrika – mountain

Aaratrika – happiness

Arya- A name of Goddess Durga

Abani – Earth

Ananta – which has no end

Anila – wind, wind

Avani – Earth

Abhaya – One who is fearless, courageous

Akula- Goddess Parvati

ring finger

Daughter’s name to be kept with the letter ‘M’

You have a lot of options in Sanskrit with the letter ‘M’. These names are also found in Puranas. These names are a bit old, of course, but knowing the meaning of Inra, you would definitely like to choose any of these names.

Mandakini – Name of an Indian river

Manisha- Khwaish

Meenakshi – Goddess Parvati

Mohini – charmer

Daughters can also be named with ‘T’.

Trilochana – Eyes of Lord Shiva

Trisha- Nobletanirica- Flower

star star

Choose these beautiful names starting with ‘S’

Srivalli – Srivalli is the name of Lakshmiji.

Shreya / Shreya – Best, better, auspicious, beautiful

Saanvika – Saanvi and Saanvika are names of Goddess Lakshmi

Shloka- The word Shloka is derived from Shloka.

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