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These planetary positions in the horoscope make children angry and stubborn, know astrological remedies

Astrology, Grah Dosh Upay, Kundali: The nature or behavior of any child is influenced by the behavior of his parents, family members and neighbors. Along with this, planets also have an effect on its nature. Every child has its own natural nature and nature which is an innate presence in the child. Gradually, the child gets accustomed to his own natural nature.

According to astrology, the position of planets at the time of birth plays a major role in determining the natural nature of a child. At the time of birth, the type of planetary position is made in the birth chart of the child. The same type of nature develops inside the child.

Children Stubborn Why? are,

According to astrology, the nature of the child is controlled by the position of the planets. Some children are very stubborn, angry and uproarious by nature since childhood. They do not agree to listen to anyone. So let’s find out which special planetary yogas make children stubborn and grumpy in nature.

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In astrology, the first house of the horoscope (Lagna house) has been considered as the house of nature or nature, while the fifth house of the horoscope is the place of intellect. This house also affects the nature of the person (child). In astrology, Mars is considered to be the causative planet of anger, stubborn nature, aggression, upheaval etc. On the other hand, Suryadev has been considered as the causative planet of monopoly. Rahu is the factor of vindictive tendency. Devguru Jupiter is considered to be the controller of discretion, Mercury of intelligence and Moon is considered to be the controller of mind. The yoga formed by the creation of special position of these planets along with Mars, Rahu and Sun give birth to stubborn and aggressive nature in children.

Measure, The position of the planets in the horoscope of each child is different. Therefore, different measures should also be taken for them.

  • If the child is of a stubborn and grumpy nature, donate red lentils to a poor person on Tuesday.
  • Apply white sandalwood tilak on the child’s forehead.
  • On Wednesday, offer two laddoos of Bundi to Lord Ganesha from the hands of the child.

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