These samosas-kachoris of Bikaner do not spoil for two months, demand even abroad

Nikhil Swami /Bikaner. Bikaneri Namkeen is famous all over the world for its distinct identity and taste. The Bhujia here is world famous. Apart from Bhujia, dry samosas and kachoris are also very famous here. The people of Bikaner eat dry samosas and kachoris with dry fruits with great gusto, especially during the festive season. The demand for these dry samosas and kachoris remains till abroad. Many people send these special samosas and kachoris from here to their relatives sitting abroad. Not only this, the business of this dry samosa and kachori is worth crores every year.

Stays fresh for two months
Shopkeeper Ganesh Agarwal told that its specialty is that it does not spoil for many months. It is much smaller in size than normal samosa and kachori and is half inch samosa and kachori. People use them more with dry fruits to entertain their guests. It is in high demand on Holi and Deepawali and other big festivals. You will find small kachoris and samosas in every house.

Made in 100 years old shop
Ganesh told that he has a 100-year-old shop in Bikaner’s Satta Bazar. At his shop, samosas and kachoris are made by adding spices of mogar and gram flour, which are dry spices. They tell that 30 kg of samosas and kachoris go out daily. Here samosa and kachori are 200 rupees a kg and one samosa and one kachori cost less than two and a half rupees.

Fry with dry spices
The dry masala of maida, mogar and gram flour is used to make these special kachoris and samosas. After this it is fried in ghee and oil. They get ready after about half an hour. Its specialty is that it is not hot but cold and tastes better after drying for several days. Ganesh says that now the third generation is selling dry fruits and namkeen in this shop. Before this my grandfather, then father and now I myself are selling Namkeen.


FIRST PUBLISHED : June 10, 2023

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