These small seeds are of great use, will cure 5 diseases including cholesterol, will also help in weight loss

Flaxseed Reduce Cholesterol & Blood Pressure: Crores of people across the country are struggling with the problem of cholesterol and blood pressure. When the amount of cholesterol in the body becomes more than normal, it accumulates in the arteries of the blood and can become the cause of heart attack and stroke. There is a problem even when the blood pressure is low and there is a problem even when it increases. Increased blood pressure can also be the cause of heart attack. It would be surprising to know that small seeds kept in your kitchen can reduce both these problems to a great extent. These seeds can give many other tremendous benefits.

It has been revealed in many researches that flaxseeds can prove to be a boon for health. healthline report According to the linseed seeds are rich in protein, fiber and omega 3 fatty acids. They can be easily used in food and drink and can also be eaten by making smoothies. Nutrient-rich seeds can also reduce the risk of cancer. Eating linseed mixed with curd is considered very beneficial. These can be grinded and consumed in the form of powder.

5 great benefits of flax seeds

There is a lot of fiber in flax seeds, which improves digestion. Flax seeds can prove to be extremely beneficial for people struggling with digestive problems.

In a research, it was revealed that eating four spoons (about 30 grams) of flaxseeds daily can help in reducing the bad cholesterol level by 15%. The fiber present in it lowers cholesterol and strengthens heart health.

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Consuming these small seeds can provide relief from the problem of high blood pressure. If the patients of hypertension consume linseed seeds, they will get rid of the problem of blood pressure in 3 months. This thing came to the fore in a research.

Flax seeds can also be beneficial for people struggling with the problem of obesity and overweight. It helps in maintaining the middle weight. After eating flax seeds, you feel less hungry and you do not consume extra calories. This reduces weight.

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Flax seeds are also beneficial for people suffering from diabetes. Due to the presence of fiber in flax seeds, the blood sugar level is maintained, which gives relief to the patients of diabetes.

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