These symptoms of hands and feet indicate the risk of stroke, ignoring them can prove to be fatal.


Stroke occurs when blood circulation in the brain is temporarily interrupted.
The symptoms of stroke usually get better within 10 to 20 minutes or even an hour.

Brain Stroke Symptoms and Signs: Stroke is also known colloquially as a brain attack. For our body to function properly, it is necessary for the brain to be fine and the brain will work well only when there is a proper supply of blood in it. The problem of stroke is related to blood circulation in the brain. Brain stroke is a neurological problem. In this, blood clots start forming in the brain due to which the flow of blood gets obstructed and this is called cerebral vascular accident or stroke.

Brain stroke is a serious problem because if not taken care of on time, it can lead to the death of the victim. Brain stroke is known as the second leading cause of death in India. According to the news of Express, at the time of brain stroke, about 19 lakh neurons are destroyed every minute, due to which the body suffers a lot. That’s why it is necessary that whenever there is a problem of stroke, immediately meet the expert.

blood circulation becomes obstructed
One such condition of brain stroke is transient ischemic attack. This indicates an increased risk of stroke in the future. This occurs when blood circulation in the brain is temporarily interrupted. According to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, the typical symptoms of TIA go away on their own within 20 minutes.

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According to experts, there are two such symptoms of stroke which affect the feet of people. In this, the strength in the legs decreases and at the same time the legs start getting numb. Both these symptoms can be possible signs of stroke.

Other temporary symptoms of stroke
– having trouble speaking
– Difficulty in understanding others
– loss of vision in one eye
– Decreased strength in arms and legs
– dizzy

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According to experts, all these symptoms usually get cured within 10 to 20 minutes or an hour. On the appearance of these signs, expert advice should be taken immediately. There are certain physical health conditions that can increase the risk of stroke.
– high blood pressure
– high cholesterol
– irregular heartbeat
– diabetes

BE FAST Know the symptoms of brain stroke
According to health experts, if someone is suffering from the problem of stroke, then it can be understood through B-fast.

B- Blance- A person loses the balance of his body when a stroke occurs. He becomes unable to walk. His legs start faltering.

E-Eyes- There is blurriness in the eyes of a person suffering from stroke. He doesn’t see anything clearly.

F-Face- In the problem of stroke, the face turns to one side, he cannot even smile properly.

A- Arms- The hands become completely relaxed when the stroke comes. The hands start getting numb due to which the person has difficulty in raising the hand.

S-Speak- The victim becomes unable to speak when the stroke comes. He can’t get his words out properly.

T-Time- Time is most important in the condition of stroke. Without wasting time the victim should be immediately taken to the health expert.

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