These tribals of Jharkhand sacrifice chicken, women are not allowed to eat it

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Hazaribagh, There is an ancient tradition of sacrifice in festivals in Hinduism. A goat is usually sacrificed on such a special occasion. But in Jharkhand there is a tradition of sacrificing chicken in tribal society. This sacrifice is given on the festival of Sarhul. Its specialty is that only men can eat the prasad after the sacrifice. Women are forbidden to eat it. The Pahan (priest) of the place of worship sacrifices a chicken.

Former Pahan Manoj Tudu told News18 Local that Sarhul is a festival of nature worship. It is celebrated every year in the month of March. This worship is done at 10 o’clock in the day. Just half an hour before the puja, three types of chicken are sacrificed to three different gods and goddesses. White cock, red cock and Kator (Khobra) cock are sacrificed.

The offerings of the sacrifice are not distributed among all the people.

White chicken is sacrificed to the family deity. Wherein, red chicken is sacrificed to Gaona Devi. While the bowl of chicken is sacrificed in the name of happiness, peace and nature. Only men eat the chickens that are sacrificed. It consists of Pahan (priest) and nominated members. This prasad is not distributed among all the people.

There is a strict ban on eating this Prasad by women. When the pahan and the concerned members take the prasad, then after that the chandelier of Sarhul festival and other programs related to the festival are started.

what is sarhul festival

Actually, Sarhul is an important festival of tribals which is celebrated with great pomp in the month of March. People of tribal society living in different areas of Hazaribagh celebrate this festival. Sarhul is a festival of nature worship. In this the worship starts after the sacrifice of the living beings.

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