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This brokerage house has changed the way of investing in mutual funds, know what is special


Systematic Transfer Plan Timer STP has also been introduced in NFO.
This NFO of Samco will open from October 4.

Mumbai. Brokerage house SAMCO has announced SAMCO Overnight Fund with a new twist. A Systematic Transfer Plan Samco Timer STP has also been introduced in this NFO. This NFO will open from October 4. The amount to be transferred from Overnight Fund to Equity Fund will be decided through in-house tools developed by the fund house.

The index ranges from 1 to 200 and is calculated keeping in mind the various macroeconomic and technical parameters. The fund house plans to publish EMOSI daily on its website.

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When the index indicates that the market is attractive, Timer STP will allocate more in equities and will transfer comparatively less money to equities when the market is expensive. The special thing is that the installation of Timer STP will be from 0.01 times to 6 times. At the same time, the investor has to give consent by signing on Timer STP regarding the amount of base installation.

Why is Samco’s STP different?
Commenting on Timer STP, Umesh Kumar Mehta, CEO, Samco Asset Management said, “Through Timer STP, we have been able to enable the average investor to better traverse the different cycles of the market and avoid entering the market during difficult times. are making.

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New NFOs came to invest in equity market
In fact, many new funds are being brought by mutual fund houses to invest in the equity market. ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund has recently announced the launch of ICICI Prudential Transportation & Logistics Fund, which is an open-ended equity scheme. In which investments will be made mainly in securities related to companies engaged in transportation and logistics themes. The new fund offer (NFO) will open for subscription on October 6 and close on October 20.

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