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This feature will prove to be a game changer! Trust Elon Musk – Twitter will change with its arrival


Elon Musk renamed the Birdwatch feature to Community Notes.
Elon Musk has clashed with former CEO Jack Dorsey over the name change.
This feature was launched for the first time in 2021.

New Delhi. Elon Musk thinks that the Community Notes feature coming to Twitter will turn the whole game upside down. That’s why he called this feature a game changer. This feature was initially called Birdwatch. After all, why does Elon Musk think so? Let’s tell.

Birdwatch is a feature that will allow people to write their own notes on potentially misleading tweets. Using this, contributors can leave notes on any Tweet, and if enough contributors from various perspectives find that note useful, that note will be publicly displayed on the Tweet, so that the user can see that point of view as well. And read.

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This project came for the first time in 2021
Elon Musk has renamed the Birdwatch feature to ‘Community Notes’. This feature was brought as a pilot project in 2021. Elon Musk claims that this will help in making the platform more reliable and will become a gamechanger. Musk may have plans to make it available in other countries as well. Currently this feature is only available in the US.

Twitter’s current Vice President (Product) Keith Coleman tweeted that meet Community Notes. The tweet, originally from the ‘Community Notes’ account, featured Musk smoking in front of a mic with headphones on, along with a picture of the name and logo of Birdwatch and Community Notes below.

“Community Notes is a gamechanger in improving accuracy on Twitter,” Musk said in his latest tweet!

Image – CommunityNotes@Twitter

Musk and Dorsey have clashed over names
Twitter’s current chief Elon Musk also had a dispute with the company’s former CEO Jack Dorsey over the renaming of Birdwatch to Community Notes. Musk said that he did not like the name Birdwatch. Dorsey, on the other hand, believes that Community Notes is “the most boring Facebook name ever”.

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Musk has already changed the name of the feature on the official Twitter website. He also told what are the features of Community Notes and how to use them.

According to Twitter, Community Notes is an open and transparent process. They have made the Community Notes algorithm open source and publicly available on GitHub with the data that makes it powerful. This will allow others to audit, analyze or suggest improvements.

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