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This important rule related to train boarding has changed, this work will have to be done

Indian Railways : Every day lakhs of passengers travel by Indian Railways. If you too travel or are going to travel in Indian Railways, then you should be aware of every rule related to IRCTC. Let us tell you that recently IRCTC has changed a rule related to boarding in the train. Let us know what is this rule and what the passenger will have to do ..

This rule of train boarding changed

There is a good news for the passengers traveling daily by Indian Railways. IRCTC has recently made a change in the rules related to train boarding. According to this, now you have the option to change your train boarding station from anywhere. Instead of the original railway station, your boarding station can also be changed from any other place. Railways will neither charge you nor levy any fine for this.

When will the boarding station be changed

Whatever be the reason, but even after booking the ticket, you will be able to change your boarding station. For example, if your boarding station is at a far away place, then it can be changed to the nearest station as a boarding station. The thing to keep in mind is that the facility of changing the train boarding station will be available only to those people who have booked tickets online through IRCTC portal. This facility will not be available on tickets booked with the help of an agent.

In this way change boarding station sitting at home

2. Next, go to the ‘Booking Ticket History’ section by entering your login and password.

3. Now you will see the option to change the boarding point of the train, on which you have to click.

4. Now you have to fill the asked information.

5. After entering the name of the new railway station etc., submit it.

6. You will also get a confirmation message about this.

Changes will have to be made 24 hours before train departure

If any passenger has to change his train boarding station, then these changes will have to be done 24 hours before the departure of the train. According to the IRCTC website, this change should be done only at the time of great need, because once the changes are made regarding the boarding station on the official website, then the passenger cannot catch the train from his original boarding station.

then you have to pay fine

The information related to change of boarding station of the train will be updated in the system. After this, you can change your station. Keep in mind that this process should be done from the official website of IRCTC only. One more thing, if any passenger catches a train from another station without changing the boarding station, then he may have to pay a fine. Change in boarding station can be done only once. The boarding station cannot be changed frequently.



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