This is a matter of the heart! If you have these problems, do not exercise even by mistake

Heart Problem: Due to poor lifestyle, the risk of developing heart diseases is high. To improve life, be it celebrities or common people turn to the gym. But there is a need to be alert if the heart stops working in the gym itself. In the last two years, he had died due to a heart attack while exercising in the gym. A few days ago, famous comedian Raju Shrivastav died of a heart attack while exercising. On November 11, actor Sidhant Suryavanshi died of a heart attack. Siddhant had fallen in the gym while doing bench press. Some people have madness for the gym to such an extent that they leave everything, but the gym does not leave. In such a situation, there is a need to take many precautions while going to the gym.

Do not go to gym if you have fever

While exercising, the person shows his positive feedback. For example, having good muscle size, weight loss, increased confidence level and looking great are included. But here its negative aspect also needs to be looked at. If there is pain or discomfort in the muscles, then exercise should not be done. If fever persists in the body, avoid exercising. The body dehydrates rapidly while working out. When this happens, the health deteriorates and the pressure on the heart starts increasing very fast. This increases the chances of getting a heart attack. At the same time, fever already weakens the strength and endurance of the muscles. Working out during this increases the risk of injury to the muscles. It also takes time to recover. Doctors say that do not go to the gym at all if you have fever.

Avoid going to the gym even in these problems

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Apart from fever, other symptoms also need attention. Experts say that do not go to the gym if you have a cough. This can cause problems. Apart from this, patients of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea should not go to the gym. Stomach worms weaken the immune system. During this, doing heavy workouts dehydrates the body and problems can increase.

Start exercise with warm-up

Exercise should be done regularly to keep the body fit. But during this time it is also important to take care of the body. Doctors say that instead of doing heavy exercise or running fast on the treadmill, one must first warm up the body. Due to this the body starts coming in a position to exercise. Many times people go to the gym and start doing heavy weight exercises. Its negative effect is so dangerous that due to pressure on the heart, it leads to a heart attack. Warming up improves blood supply and the heart also works properly.

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