This is how the smoke coming out of the vehicles is affecting not only the lungs but also your brain.

Air Pollution Side Effect: There is hardly any country where there is no pollution of one kind or the other. Air pollution has dangerous side effects. Air pollution badly affects the lungs. In India itself, the problem of pollution becomes acute when stubble is burnt. A study has been done regarding air pollution that it was seen on a large scale that what is the effect of air pollution on the body? Serious consequences of air pollution were seen in the study.

Claims to be the world’s largest study
According to media reports, the study was published in General Frontiers and Public Health. Researchers have claimed this study to be the world’s largest study on the effect of air pollution on the body. 3 lakh 64 thousand people of England were included in the study. In this, it was seen that it has many effects on the body till it is exposed to air pollution for a long time.

These particles become a threat to the heart and brain
It was revealed in the study that due to PM 2.5 and NO2 in air pollution, it causes many problems in the body. Due to this, apart from neurological disorders, respiratory system, cardio vascular diseases, brain diseases were seen. Depression, anxiety were included in these.

More traffic, more health risk
It has been seen in the study that people who were living in areas with high traffic. There the level of air pollution has increased. Due to this, the risk of getting many health related diseases has also arisen. However, it was not revealed in the study that there is a risk of multi-mortality due to this. Researchers said that more research is needed to get information about this.

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analyzed like this
The researchers analyzed data from the UK Biobank. This includes biomedical databases and research resources, including genetics, lifestyle and health information from half a million UK participants aged 40 to 69. In the investigation, 36 physical and 5 mental problems came to the fore.

more pollution more trouble
It was seen in the study that the people who were living in the pollution filled areas. He had the same health risk. Serious risk of heart failure, severe asthma and neurological disorders were seen in such people. Doctors say that people should wear masks. For healthy air, trees must be planted around the houses.

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