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This is the name of Isha Ambani’s twin children, know what they mean?

Isha Ambani Twins : One of the country’s richest man and businessman Mukesh Ambani’s daughter Isha Ambani has given birth to twin baby. In which there is a son and a daughter. The child has also been named. The new member of the Ambani family is now being discussed a lot and people also want to know what are the names of their children and what is the meaning of their names. Please tell that the Ambani family has named the new members of the family Krishna and Adia. Isha Ambani’s son’s name is Krishna and daughter’s name is Adia. Now do you know what is the meaning of the names of the children?

son’s name is krishna

If we talk about the name Krishna, then it is in the name of Lord Krishna of Hinduism, who is known by many names other than Krishna. By the way, it is believed that this name reminds of love, which reminds to stand for the fight of truth. There is also a river named Krishna in South India. Many families in India name their children after Krishna.

According to beliefs, children with this name play an important role in grooming the lives of many people. They like to mingle in the society and leave their own mark on the people. They spend their life with simplicity, as well as they are proficient in many arts and are at the forefront of conversation.

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Why is the name Aadiya special?

Aadiya: According to Indian astrology, the meaning of Aadiya is treasure given by God. It is believed that people named Aadiya are very creative. These people have passion for work, mental strength is also one of the characteristics of these people, people get many opportunities to move forward in life and they use those opportunities properly. Persistence and accomplishment in work is the reason for success in their professions.

Isha Ambani got married 4 years ago

Let us tell you that Isha Ambani was married to businessman Anand Piramal 4 years ago. Isha handles the business of Reliance Retail, she is its chairman. Mukesh Ambani has now become the grand parents of three small children.

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