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This is the perfect destination for book lovers in Indore, free books are available here


This library, which started from Saket Nagar in Indore, is now at 6 different places in the city.
There are books of interest for all ages. Anyone can get books from here for free.

Report: Ankit Parmar

Indore. In the age of social media and Gen-Z, words like book, book reader and library seem old school. Where earlier the means of research, education or entertainment were all books. Wherein today the Internet has taken its place. Whether you want information or entertainment, you press a button on your phone and Google will fulfill your wish in a matter of seconds. But while going away from books, there is a place in Indore where work is being done to revive the practice of reading books. Through a platform in Indore, this facility is being provided to the youth, elderly and other people who are fond of books so that they can read books for free. Can even take them home without paying Rs. The city’s Radheshyam Kabra has been running this iconic library for the last 6 years.

Library operator Radheshyam Kabra says that he started the Atma Anubhuti Manch and this platform started a library. This library was a unique beginning to bring people closer to books. Initially, 400 books of Radheshyam Kabra’s self-collected were kept in this library. But till now there are more than 12,000 books here. The interests of the youth from the elderly have been taken care of in these books. This library is open 24 hours a day. Any person can come and sort out the book of his interest from these books and read it there and if he wants, he can read it even after taking it home.

Free libraries at 6 locations in the city

This library, which started from Saket Nagar in Indore, is one of the unique libraries in the world and is today at 6 different places in the city, from where many people carry books daily. Many people also keep their personal books here. In the same way, all the 6 libraries are promoting knowledge as well as literature. The result of this initiative is also being seen very well. Here along with the youth, the elderly and many types of people are coming and reading books and when needed, they also take these books with them and many people also deposit them back after reading the book completely. If you also want to go here, then you can contact on 9893177645. Address- N-38, Saket Nagar, Indore

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