This man can’t drive fast, knowing the story behind this belief will make you laugh

Judge: What is the proof that you were not driving fast when the accident happened?
Car driver- Sir, I was going to my in-laws house to pick up my wife.
Judge- Oh, leave this innocent, no one can drive fast in such a time.

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The doctor told Chintu – There is only one cure for obesity.
Chintu – what doctor…?
Doctor – You eat one roti everyday.
Chintu – Is this a roti to be eaten after having it or before having it…
Doctor fainted.

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In the class, the teacher asked the children – Tell me, who will support you on the path full of thorns?
Husband, wife, parent, boyfriend, girlfriend or friend?
Pappu stood up and said – Sir slippers!
Then Master ji beat Pappu fiercely….

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