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This special position of yoga will reduce the effect of diabetes, know the right way to do it


The risk of diabetes increases due to the lack of insulin.
Regular practice of Mountain Mudra is beneficial in diabetes.
Diabetes can increase the risk of heart diseases.

Yoga Mudras for Diabetes : In today’s hectic lifestyle, it is common to have problems like stress, weakness, and tension. For which experts recommend doing yoga and exercise. Due to negligence in eating and drinking and some everyday mistakes, you can become a victim of serious diseases like diabetes. Diabetes is usually caused due to lack of insulin in the body. Due to which heart disease, nerve pain and many major diseases can also take place in the body.

To control the sugar level in diabetes, you can include lifestyle changes and some yoga postures. Due to which the blood sugar level will be balanced and the body will also get many health benefits. Let us know, some yoga postures and the right way to do them.

These yoga postures are helpful in reducing the effect of diabetes:
Child currency:

According to Medical News Today, sitting on the feet making a little space between the knees, keep your stomach on the thighs, bring the head close to the ground and spread your hands forward and touch the ground, in this pose for 10 Hold for 20 seconds and keep your tailbone on the heels while stretching the lower back.

Planck Currency :
With the help of your hands and knees, keep the toes in the ground and take the feet back while raising the knees and keeping your shoulder just above your wrist, come in pushup position, wait for a while then relax.

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Tree Currency :
Keeping the right foot flat on the floor, lift the left knee outwards and keeping the right foot close to the knee, press the hands to your chest in a salutation posture, hold for a few seconds then repeat the same action again.

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Mountain currency:
Keeping the feet flat on the ground, keep your arms straight from both sides, while tucking your tailbone, inhale and extend the palms along with your hands, then while exhaling bring your arms down.

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