Thousands of colorful butterflies can be seen in Delhi’s Butterfly Park, childhood will be remembered

Delhi Butterfly Park: Everyone feels good seeing butterflies. Butterflies are cute and colorful to see. In childhood, you must have run a lot to catch butterflies. Most people don’t want to miss a single opportunity to see butterflies. Now butterflies are less visible in cities. However, it will be easy to see colorful butterflies in Delhi which is now called the heart of the country. The Butterfly Park built in Delhi remains a center of attraction for the people. If you also want to see colorful butterflies, then you can plan to go here with your family.

This is the specialty of Butterfly Park
The Butterfly Park located in Delhi is going to be very much liked by the tourists. Many facilities are also given here. The life of this park is the colorful butterflies here. Apart from this, there are also fountains, which children will like very much. Many medicinal plants have also been planted in the butterfly park.

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countless species of butterflies
Species of butterflies that have gone extinct from India will also be seen here. It includes species like Spotted Parrot, Common Castor, Balka Parrot, Plain Tiger, Common Glass Yellow, Dened Eggfly.

place, time, and way
Titli Park in Delhi has been built in Asola. The time to come here is between 9 in the morning and 5 in the evening. If you are coming by metro then the location is easily accessible. The entry ticket price in Titli Park is around Rs 20 to Rs 30. To reach Titli Park, you can also reach from Mehrauli via Badarpur from Tughlakabad. Apart from this, it is easy to reach Mehrauli from HUDA City Center Metro. You can also take a cab from Chhatarpur temple.

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