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Tight Bra’s Harmful Effect: Wearing tight bra can put you at risk of these 6 diseases

Side Effect Of Wearing Tight Bra: Be it any festival or any occasion, women take full care of their fashion, how to dress themselves. What to wear matching Along with this, he takes great care of his figure, that’s why his choice in bra is quite different. Many times, in order to make themselves look more fit and attractive, women buy bras of tight and small cups, in such a situation they not only feel uncomfortable but also have many problems. There are many negative effects on women wearing tight bras. Because of this they have to face problems like back pain, suffocation.

Let us know what problems can be caused by wearing a tight bra.

Itching and burning: Wearing a tight bra does not allow air to pass through. This causes rashes in the body. Itching starts. Not only this, there is also a risk of infection on the surface of the skin. Tight fitting bra support less can put you in more trouble.

Acidity problem: When you wear a tight bra, it not only becomes a problem for the skin but also affects many parts of the body. The lower strap of the bra often reaches towards the lower part of the lungs, where there is regular pressure, and also the part of the stomach. Due to this, the acid produced in the stomach has an upward reflex. In such a situation, you may have the problem of acidity, heartburn, sour belching.

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Breast Pain: You also have to face breast problems if you wear fitting and small size bras. You may start having breast pain. This problem can be more for those people whose breasts are heavy.

Back Pain: Study shows that ladies who have big breasts and they forcefully wear small size bra to maintain size and figure, they have to face problems like back pain.

Blood circulation affected: Blood circulation can also be affected by wearing a bra that is too tight. Sometimes, there is a risk of damage to the breast tissue due to the bra being too tight.

Chances of damage to the figure: The bra is designed in such a way that it will help to elevate your breasts and provide support. But if you’re wearing the wrong size, they can do the opposite.

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