Til Mawa Gajak Recipe: Eat Til Mawa Gajak full of flavor in winter, this is an easy recipe

Til Mawa Gajak Recipe: Gajak starts appearing in the market as soon as the winter season starts. Gajak, full of taste and nutrition, is eaten by everyone from children to elders. Til Mawa Gajak prepared with sesame and mawa is also very much liked. If you want to taste home made Mawa Gajak instead of market, then with the help of our mentioned recipe, you can prepare it easily. Not many ingredients are required to make Mawa Gajak.
Let us tell you that sesame not only helps in maintaining the heat of the body, but it is also very beneficial for hair and skin. If you also want to make Til Mawa Gajak, then you can easily prepare this recipe by following our mentioned method.

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Ingredients to make Til Mawa Gajak
Sesame – 1 cup
Mawa – 250 grams
Cashew – 4-5
Cardamom powder – 1/2 tsp
Sugar powder – 1 cup (as per taste)

How to make Til Mawa Gajak
To make Til Mawa Gajak, first put sesame seeds in a pan and roast it on low flame. Sesame has to be roasted till its color turns light pink. After this, take out the sesame seeds in a plate. Now put 1 tsp ghee in the pan, when the ghee melts, break the mawa and put it in it. Roast the mawa while stirring it on low flame. When the light color of Mawa starts changing, add sugar powder as per taste and mix it.

When the sugar melts well and becomes homogeneous with the mawa, add cardamom powder to this mixture and mix. Now cook the mixture while stirring for 2 minutes. Now turn off the gas and let the mixture cool down. Now spread a plastic sheet on a flat place and grease it with ghee. Pour the prepared mixture on it and spread it evenly.

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Now take gram flour and apply a little ghee on it and make a thin roll by pressing the mixture lightly. After this, cut cashew nuts and spread them over the mixture and press them with the help of gram flour. Then with the help of a knife cut the Gajak in the shape of your choice and keep the Gajak to set. When the Gajak are set, lift them from the plastic sheet and put them in a plate or tray and then leave them like this for 3-4 hours. Tasty Til Mawa Gajak is ready. Store it in an air tight container.

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