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Tiranga Khoya Barfi Recipe: Celebrate Independence with Tiranga Khoya Barfi


This year the country is celebrating the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence.
Make tricolor khoya barfi on the 75th anniversary of independence.

Tiranga Khoya Barfi Recipe: This year the whole country is celebrating the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence (Azadi kaAmrit Mahotsav). On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the country’s independence, you can also fill each other’s mouth with sweetness by making tricolor khoya barfi. Independence Day is very important for every Indian and its celebration is done with pomp. You can increase the excitement of this celebration even more by making tricolor khoya barfi.
Sugar and sweet yellow and green colors are also used along with mawa to make tricolor barfi. This recipe is not very difficult to make and you can easily prepare it with the help of our recipe.

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Ingredients for making Tricolor Khoya Barfi
Fresh Mawa – 400 grams
Sugar – 250 grams
Paneer – 150 grams
Sweet yellow color – 1 pinch
Sweet green color – 1 pinch
Cardamom powder – 1/2 tsp

How to make Tricolor Khoya Barfi
To make tricolor khoya barfi, first of all take mawa and put it in a vessel and mash it well. After this, take paneer, grate it on another grater and mix both the ingredients well. Now add sugar to these ingredients and mix them well. Now take a wok and keep it to heat on medium flame. When the pan becomes slightly hot, add the mixture of mawa-paneer-sugar and cook it.

Cook this mixture while stirring till the sugar becomes dry. After this also add cardamom powder to it. When the mixture starts leaving the pan and all the sugar water dries up, then turn off the gas and take out the mixture in a plate or tray and divide it into three equal parts. Keep one part white, while the other two parts add sweet yellow color to one and green color to the other. Now roll each part thickly with light hands.

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When all the three parts are rolled, then put the green part at the bottom in a tray and the white part on top and the yellow part at the top. Leave it like this for some time so that the mawa-paneer mixture gets solidified. After this cut the sweet in square shape or in your favorite shape. Your delicious Tricolor Mawa Barfi is ready. Celebrate the independence of the country by serving it to everyone.

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