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To cheat people, a person made a fake bank, used to pay more interest on getting FD, debit cards were also available with loan facility


This bank also used to do fixed deposits.
700 rupees were charged for opening the account.
Police have recovered cash of Rs 56.6 lakh from the person running the bank.

New Delhi. Many thugs employ various tricks to cheat people. Some criminals rob banks for money. But, after hearing the work done by a person from Tamil Nadu to cheat people, you will press your finger under your teeth. The 44-year-old thug created a fake bank to grab people’s money. This fake bank was working exactly like the real bank. Now on the complaint of the Reserve Bank of India, the police has arrested the person running the bank.

The name of this fake bank is Rural and Agricultural Farmer’s Cooperative Bank. It had nine branches in Tamil Nadu. About three thousand people have opened accounts in this bank from all over Tamil Nadu. The Bank Fraud Investigation Wing of the Central Crime Branch (CCB) on Saturday arrested Chandrabose of Thousand Lights, who runs this bank. Several documents, a luxury car and Rs 56.6 lakh in cash have been recovered from Chandrabose.

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Bank opened with the help of fake certificate
According to a report by Moneycontrol, on Tuesday, Chennai City Police Commissioner Shankar Jiwal told in a press conference that after receiving an alert from the Reserve Bank of India, investigation was done, then this fake bank was busted. The bank had fake RBI certificates. The police have also seized the deposit slip, withdrawal slip and cash counting machine. This bank had everything that can be found in a real bank.

Used to give loans, used to deposit money too
The fake bank also gave loans to people and deposited money from many customers. According to the report, when a customer wanted to open an account, he had to pay Rs 700 as membership fee. The bank then also issued a credit/debit card to the customer with a balance of Rs 500. The account number itself was given as the card number. This bank also used to do fixed deposits and also lured customers with higher interest than other banks.

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Debit/Credit card breakup
The police commissioner told that the bank had formed many societies. Through this he had obtained credit / debit cards from ICICI Bank. ICICI Bank debit and credit cards were given only by pasting the sticker of Gramin and Krishi Kisan Sahakari Bank.

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