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To decorate the house with beautiful flowers, plant these 4 plants with roses


Freesia is called the nymph of flowers for its beauty.
September to November is a good time to plant Gerbera flower.

Beautiful Flowers to Plant in Balcony: Everyone loves the fragrance and beauty of flowers in the courtyard and balcony of their homes, so many people want to do gardening in their homes, because the colorful flowers blooming in the house add to the beauty of the houses. And the fragrance emanating from them is a great source of positive energy. People also show more interest in planting flowers in the house because when the surrounding environment is green, the mind also remains happy and positive, which increases the interest in working.

If you also want to decorate the courtyard, terrace and garden of your house with beautiful flowers, then know that along with roses, some colorful flowers, with which you can decorate your home.

Plant these flowers to enhance the beauty of the house

The rose flower is known for its beauty and fragrance, especially in the winter season, the rose flower blooms even more beautiful. Rose is one of the best flowers to plant at home and you can plant red roses as well as many colorful varieties of it in your homes.

Dahlia flowers are colorful as well as beautiful, but special attention has to be paid in its care. These flowers are both desi and hybrid, which you can choose with your choice.

Tulip flowers come in many colors, this flower can bloom in white, red, pale blue and many colors, but it is considered a bit difficult to plant and requires special care.

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You can also plant freesia flowers in pots on your home or terrace and freesia is also called flower nymph, because they are very beautiful and they can be planted very easily.

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There are two types of Gerbera flowers, Normal and Hybrid. The most important time for planting them is from August to December. Gerbera should be kept away from direct sunlight and after planting it should be kept watering and manure on time.

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