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To get relief from the symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome, women should do these 4 yogasanas


Nauchalanasana improves your body’s reproductive and digestive system.
Chakki Chalasana helps in regularizing the periods by reducing belly fat.
By doing Namaskar asanas, all the symptoms of PCOS are relieved.

Yoga Asanas for PCOS : Nowadays PCOS has become a common problem found in women, the biggest reason for this disease is bad routine, due to which all the hormones of the body get disturbed. Due to which cysts start forming in your ovaries, due to which many problems like obesity, irregular periods, infertility and insulin resistance have to be faced. But, the surprising thing is that no main reason for having PCOS is yet known.

Health experts recommend some lifestyle changes to avoid the symptoms of PCOS. Like yoga, if you do yoga daily, then not only can you reduce the symptoms of PCOS but it is also helpful in removing the side effects caused by it, let’s know about some yogasanas.

Yogasanas for PCOS:

Air Removal:
According to the health line, place your palms under your feet and place your thumbs on top of the feet, rest your body and while exhaling long deep breaths, straighten your legs with your back and fingers. Do this asana daily for at least 5 minutes.

Mill Chalasana:
To do this asana, you have to sit with both your legs spread and keep your hands in a straight line by interlocking your fingers.
– Taking a long deep breath, straighten your arms and take the upper part of your body back as far as possible, then move your hands and feet.
Bring it to the left.
Come to your starting position while breathing again. This asana helps in reducing your belly fat and this asana relieves you from menstrual problems.

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Hello seat:
By doing this asana, you get better control over your physical and mental strength and body.
Surya Namaskar is the best of the yogasanas, by doing this asana, the muscles of the pubic area and the lower abdomen are massaged.
Along with eliminating PCOS, it also regularizes your menstruation cycle.

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rowing posture:
You put both the legs together and spread them in front and you rotate both the hands as if you are holding a boat.
Taking a long deep breath, move your waist upwards in front of your body. You do this like this for 5 consecutive times.
It improves the reproductive and digestive system of your body and reduces the extra fat stored on the stomach.

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