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To remove the smell from clothes, follow these cleaning hacks

Cloth Cleaning Tips: Keeping clothes clean is very important. The shine of clothes also leaves an impression on your personality. In such a situation, many people use different types of soap and detergent powder to clean clothes. Many times the smell of clothes does not go away even with the use of these soaps and detergents. If such a problem also happens to you, then don’t worry. Today we are going to tell you about some such remedies by which you will be able to remove the stains of clothes quickly. Let us know about these measures-

help with perfume

To reduce the smell of clothes, people often use perfume on the clothes. In such a situation, the smell goes for a short time, but if you wash it by putting a little perfume in the washing machine while washing the clothes, then it can completely disappear the smell of the clothes.

Make Coffee Beans Mix

Many people like the smell of coffee. If you want to add fragrance to your clothes, you can use coffee beans. To use it, put 5 to 6 coffee beans in the washing machine before washing the clothes. After that wash the clothes. With this the smell of clothes will disappear in a few days.

use baking soda

Using baking soda can be the best option for you to make the smell disappear from clothes. For this, while washing clothes, add 1 teaspoon of baking soda to it. This will not only remove the smell from the clothes, but the dirt can also be removed.

With these special methods, you can make the smell of clothes disappear. However, take care not to add baking soda to old clothes. This can damage your clothes.

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