Today is World Environment Day, send message to your loved ones to keep the world green


Take a pledge to fulfill your responsibilities towards the environment.
Spread awareness for the environment through these messages.

Happy World Environment Day 2023 Wishes: Today, ‘World Environment Day’ is being celebrated with the aim of spreading awareness about the environment all over the world. This day is not only to spread awareness among the people about the environment, but on this occasion we also take a pledge to do some special work for the environment. Various programs are also organized on this day and efforts are made to inculcate a sense of responsibility towards the environment among the youth and children. On this occasion, if you are away from your loved ones or want to make them aware of their responsibilities towards the environment, then you can make this day special by sending some messages.

send greeting message on world environment day

Mother’s love, gift of tree,
Both do the welfare of the people,
clean environment, water and air,
Life is a priceless medicine to live.
Happy environment day..

Make the earth a green place,
Where every living being lives in peace and tranquility,
Happy environment day..

Let’s make this land a paradise today
Not everyday, but today only two plants are planted.
Happy environment day..

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green world,
plant world,
world of clean air and water,
Lovely world full of flowers and gardens,
Do you also want such a safe world.
Plant trees, make the environment clean.
Happy World Environment Day..

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Plant some trees around you today,
Use bags instead of polythene.
Make World Environment Day with this pledge.
Best wishes on World Environment Day..

Plant trees, save trees
Everyone’s wisdom is in this,
human life is in danger,
Come on, take the responsibility of keeping the environment safe.
Many congratulations on World Environment Day.

Earth, rivers, ponds these dear,
Everyone is our friend,
It’s our job to protect them
It is our right to protect them.
This is our duty
Trees save life.
Happy World Environment Day.

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