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Today’s Horoscope, 04 November 2022: Aries people avoid accidents, Taurus and Gemini will increase their income

Today luck will favor you. Income may increase. You will get fame and fame socially. There will be profit in business. The relationship of the people worthy of marriage can be fixed. Your health may deteriorate after noon. Before investing capital, you need to take careful steps. There can be a dispute over some family matter. be in good shape. Be very careful while driving. There is a fear of accident.

Today any old worries will be removed. Your health will be good physically as well. There will be experience of happiness and contentment in family life. You will get success in business. Your work will be appreciated and the officers will be happy with you. Even after noon, you will be able to start any new work. There will be profit in business. Your reputation in the social field will increase.

Do not get into any kind of argument with opponents and officials today. There may be more expenditure in buying items related to pleasure-pramod. The environment will be good in the field of business. You will be able to remain mentally healthy today. Nevertheless, after noon, there may be a favorable change in physical and mental condition. Officers will also be satisfied with your work. It is a good yoga for earning money. There will be happiness and peace in family life.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : November 04, 2022, 05:00 IST



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