Today’s horoscope: People of Libra zodiac should travel carefully, happiness will come in the house of Scorpio and Sagittarius

Libra Horoscope (Tula Rashifal, 01 February 2023)

Today, your mind will be depressed due to excessive work. Will experience slight laziness. You will not be able to complete your work in the stipulated time. Take care of your health. It is in your interest to avoid eating and drinking outside. There will be a possibility of disturbance in the journey. There may be a meeting with a distant relative after noon. Time is very good for those trying to go abroad. There is a possibility of profit in business also.

Scorpio Horoscope (Vrischika Rashifal, 01 February 2023)

Will experience happiness and joy in the family today. There will be an opportunity to go to a social function with family members. There may be some travel. Your health will not be good after noon. You may be worried about something. Do not start any new work at office or business place. Will be able to attain mental peace through yoga and meditation.

Sagittarius Horoscope (Dhanu Rashifal, 01 February 2023)

Today will be auspicious and fruitful day. Despite being unwell in body and mind, you will try to complete your unfinished work. Can do any investment plan. Co-workers will get support in the office. Intimacy with family and friends will increase further. Romance will remain between the married couple. You will try to increase the business.

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