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Today’s Horoscope: People of Libra zodiac will be promoted, then Scorpio, Sagittarius people will be worried about their children.

Today you will have good physical and mental happiness. You will work enthusiastically in business. There will be promotion. Government work will be completed easily. Your respect will increase from the social point of view. Time is favorable for investing money. There will be financial benefit from children and wife in the family. You can get gifts from friends. There is a possibility of increase in income.

Do not get into debate with opponents and competitors today. The situation will not be favorable in business. There can be differences with children. After noon the behavior of officers or associates at home, office or business place will be negative. There can be concern for the child. Romance will remain between the married couple. Government work will be completed easily. You will get benefit in partnership work.

Today you have to be careful in every matter. There will be a possibility of harm due to anger. There may be physical malaise. The behavior of employees in business will be negative. There will be worry about children. Beware of opponents. Don’t take decisions on important matters. Do not start new work today.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : November 14, 2022, 05:20 IST



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