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Today’s Horoscope: There may be a quarrel in the house of Libra, Scorpio-Sagittarius people will be disappointed

Today is a favorable day to start new work. Today your interest in subjects like spiritual and astrology will remain. There will be a lack of freshness and happiness after noon. There will be an atmosphere of sorrow in the house. Controversy can break your reputation. Take care.

There can be a situation of unhappiness with family members. There has to be restraint on speech. You will not get the expected success in work. There will be a dilemma in the mind about something. Work load will be more. But after noon you can get some happiness. Relationship with friends and loved ones will increase. Can defeat opponents. Luck will increase.

Today there are signs of getting financial benefits. One will have to be present in the auspicious event at the house of a loved one. There may be a visit to a temple or a religious place. There will be happiness and joy in married life. After noon, there may be some confusion with the family members due to some reason. You will be disappointed if you do not get proper results of your hard work. Your mind will not be in a position to take any one definite decision.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : October 31, 2022, 05:20 IST



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