Train Canceled today: 276 trains will not run today, 25 trains are being diverted


Due to fog ahead in winter, rail traffic will be affected more.
If the train is cancelled, the railway refunds the money for the ticket.
Now general tickets can also be booked online.

New Delhi. Indian Railways has canceled a large number of trains today, Monday 5 December (Cancelled Train list 5 dec. 2022). Railways has not given any clear reason behind the cancellation of these trains, but it is believed that due to operational problems, Railways had to cancel the trains. Due to the cancellation of a large number of trains, many passengers across the country may have to face problems. Winters have started and now the foggy season has also arrived. Due to this, rail traffic can be disrupted even more.

Indian Railways has canceled 276 trains on Monday. 241 trains have been completely cancelled. At the same time, 35 trains have been partially cancelled. Apart from this, 12 trains have also been rescheduled today. Due to operational problems, 25 trains have to be diverted by the Railways today. The canceled trains include passenger, mail and express trains.

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Check status like this
Most of the services of Indian Railways are now available online. Train status can also be seen online. On the website of Indian Railways and IRCTC, information about trains being run by cancel, reschedule and changing the route is given. You can check the status of the train sitting at home. To know the status of the train, one has to visit the railway website or the link of IRCTC website We are telling you how to know the train status from the website of Indian Railways.

  • To check the status of the train, visit
  • Now you have to fill captcha.
  • Now the Exceptional Trains option will appear.
  • Click on the Exceptional Trains option.
  • Here the option of canceled, rescheduled and diverted trains will appear.
  • By clicking on these, you can know about the canceled, rescheduled and diverted trains.
  • By clicking on Train Exceptional info, you can check the status of the train by its name or number.

get refund
In case of train cancellation, passengers can take back the ticket money. Tickets are automatically refunded to passengers booking e-tickets from the IRCTC website. In case of train cancellation, the refund will be credited to the customer’s bank account/credit card/e-wallet from which the payment for the ticket has been made. Tickets purchased at the reservation counter can be canceled at the computerized reservation counter up to 72 hours after the scheduled departure of the train.

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