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Train Canceled Today: Railways canceled 122 trains, passengers of these states and cities will be affected, see full list


Chances of cancellation of trains due to maintenance related work.
Passengers traveling towards UP, Bihar, Bengal, Maharashtra, Punjab will be affected.
Check train status before travel on Indian Railways website.

New Delhi. If you are going to travel by train to go home on Diwali, then check the status of your vehicle once before traveling. Because due to some reasons, Indian Railways has again canceled 122 trains today. (Train Canceled Today) has been cancelled. Of these, 111 trains have been completely canceled while 11 trains have been partially cancelled.

These canceled trains include Mail Express, Passenger, Special and Jan Shatabdi. Although the Railways has not clarified the reason for the cancellation of these trains, it is believed that the passenger trains have been canceled due to maintenance related works.

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Travelers traveling towards these states and cities will be affected
Passengers from some states including UP, Bihar, Bengal, Maharashtra, Punjab and MP will be particularly affected due to 111 fully canceled and 11 partial cancellations by Indian Railways on October 22. Because the trains running from these states are included in the canceled trains.

List of trains canceled by Railways (Image- NTES)

From Nagpur, Pune, Satara, Pathankot, Bina, Damoh, Azimganj, Rampur, Bokaro, Asansol, Bathinda, Fazilka, Gonda, Gorakhpur, Darbhanga, Harnagar, Secunderabad, Raigad, Visakhapatnam, Ratnagiri, Margao, Prayagraj, Varanasi, Bahraich and Howrah Some of the running trains have been cancelled.


List of partially canceled trains (Image- NTES)

Information about cancelled, rescheduled and diverted trains is available on the websites of Indian Railways, IRCTC and NTES. You can get the necessary information through mobile or computer at https://enquiry.indianrail.gov.in/mntes or by visiting the IRCTC website link https://www.irctchelp.in/cancelled-trains-list/#list2 can do.

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