Train Canceled today: Railways canceled 304 trains even today, which train was canceled and whose route was changed, check full list


Today the route of the train running between Durg to Udhampur has been diverted.
The route of 14887 Express train going from Barmer to Rishikesh has also been changed today.
The superfast train from New Delhi to Saugariya has been rescheduled today.

New Delhi. The problems of railway passengers are not taking the name of ending. Passengers are facing difficulties due to cancellation and diversion of trains. Today on Wednesday, January 25, Indian Railways has canceled 304 trains (Cancelled Train list 25 Jan 2023). Yesterday also the Railways had canceled 314 trains. Trains have been canceled due to bad weather and repair and construction work of tracks going on in different zones. Passenger, mail and express trains are included in the canceled trains.

According to the list uploaded on the National Train Inquiry System of Indian Railways, 267 trains have been completely canceled today. 37 trains have been partially cancelled. 5 trains have also been rescheduled today. Apart from this, the Railways has also diverted the route of 5 trains.

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These trains were canceled
Major trains canceled today are 00402 New Delhi – New Guwahati, 01615 Kurukshetra Junction – Jind, 01626 Bhatinda – Dhuri, 05000 Shamli – Delhi, 12317 Weekly Express Kolkata Terminal – Amritsar, 12367 Vikramshila Express Bhagalpur – Anand Vihar Terminal, 12370 Kumbh Express Dehradun – Howrah, 12505 Purvottar Express Kamakhya – Anand Vihar Terminal, 12571 Humsafar Express Gorakhpur – Anand Vihar Terminal, 12874 Jharkhand Anand Vihar Terminal – Hatia, 14005 Lichchavi Express Sitamarhi – Anand Vihar Terminal, 14006 Lichchavi Express Anand Vihar Terminal – Sitamarhi, 14218 Unchahar Express Chandigarh – Prayagraj Sangam, 14673 Shaheed Express Jaynagar – Amritsar and 22406 Garib Rath Anand Vihar Terminal – Bhagalpur.

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check status online
To know the status of the train, one has to visit the railway website or the link of IRCTC website This is the way to get information about trains from the website of Indian Railways…

  • To check the status of the train, visit
  • Now fill the captcha.
  • Now you will see the Exceptional Trains option.
  • Click on the Exceptional Trains option.
  • Here the option of canceled, re-scheduled and diverted trains will be available.
  • By clicking on these, you can know about the canceled, rescheduled and diverted trains.
  • By clicking on Train Exceptional info, you can check the status of the train by its name or number.

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