Train ticket counter will come near the passenger! No matter how crowded, you will get tickets immediately without standing in line


Railway has a plan that passengers can get tickets in less than five minutes.
If tickets are easily available, the number of people traveling without tickets will also decrease.
Railway will provide this machine to the employee or the agent.

New Delhi. Getting the general train ticket at the railway station has always been a difficult task. The reason for this is the huge rush of passengers. Due to the long queue, many passengers are unable to get tickets at all and they have to travel without tickets under compulsion. Railways have taken several steps to solve this problem. The limit for taking general tickets from the UTS App has been increased. Automatic Ticket Vending Machine (ATVM) has also been installed. Now the Railways is going a step further than this. Railways has decided to set up mobile ticket counters at the station only.

There is a plan to make this facility available at crowded stations of the country in the next financial year. Railway plans that passengers can get tickets in less than five minutes. If passengers get tickets easily, then the number of passengers traveling without tickets will also decrease. This will increase the income of Railways.

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mobile ticket counter
Pink Book has been issued for the budget allocated for the financial year 2023-24. It has been told that there is a plan to install mobile ticket machines in Northern Railway. Rs 27.74 crore will be spent on this scheme. Railway will provide this machine to the employee or the agent. Employees carrying the machine will stand on the way to the platform or near the booking counter. When the crowd at the ticket counter is overcrowded, these agents or employees will call out to the passengers and issue tickets.

Number of ATVM will increase
Railways will also install a new automatic ticket vending machine for the convenience of the passengers. With these machines, they will be able to get tickets quickly. Southern Railway Division has decided to install 254 additional ATVMs at several railway stations. Presently 99 ATVM machines are working in Southern Railway Division.

Multiple payment options
The ATVM will be used to purchase both unreserved and platform tickets. Apart from this, daily commuters can renew their monthly and quarterly tickets on ATVM. Passengers will also be given bonus for using R-wallet for payment. You can buy tickets using Railway Smart Card and QR code-UPI based payment facility.

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