Transit of Mercury in Aries, difficulties may increase for 3 zodiac signs, career, health and economic side will be affected

The zodiac sign of Mercury has changed on Friday, March 31. The planet Mercury has entered Aries, the first sign of the zodiac at 03.01 pm. Rahu is already in Aries and now Mercury has also come. The alliance of Mercury and Rahu has been formed in Aries. Mercury will remain in Aries till June 7. On June 07, at 07:58 pm, the planet Mercury will leave Aries and enter Taurus. With this, the conjunction of Rahu and Mercury will end. Due to the transit of Mercury in Aries, the natives of 3 zodiac signs need to be cautious as their career, health and economic side can be adversely affected. Astrologer of Tirupati Dr. Krishna Kumar Bhargava Let us know the negative effect of Mercury transit on zodiac signs.

Mercury transit 2023: Negative impact on zodiac signs
Taurus: The transit of Mercury in Aries can create career problems for the natives of your zodiac sign. Employed people will have to focus on their work and stay away from debate. Work with restraint at the workplace and control anger.

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In this time, due to extravagance, your financial condition can get messed up. For this reason your savings can also be affected. The health of a female member in the family may deteriorate. For this reason also money can be spent.

Virgo: The transit of Mercury can affect the health of the natives of Virgo. In this time, control your food and drink. Do not ignore even a small problem. Consult a doctor. Some unexpected incidents may happen to you, which you would not expect.

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Mercury can make you spend your money. Both time and money can be spent in useless works and things. This will make the mind unhappy. There can be work stress at the workplace. Due to not getting cooperation from colleagues, the mind will be upset. Keep restraint on speech and behavior. Time will not take long to run out. Then everything will be favorable.

Scorpio: Mercury’s zodiac change is going to alert you. You may get cheated by your friends or acquaintances. Do not trust anyone blindly, otherwise you may have to repent. Don’t take decisions by getting into the words of others, harm can happen. Invest only after a lot of thought.

Don’t do money transactions with anyone right now. Don’t lend to anyone. Your money may get stuck. There may be a problem in getting the money back. You have to take care of your health. Keep restraint on food in the changing season. At this time your financial condition may be tight.

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