Traveling on Mumbai-Pune Expressway will be expensive from April 1, toll will increase by 18%, how much will have to be pocketed by car, bus, taxi

New Delhi. Traveling from Mumbai to Pune through the Mumbai-Pune Expressway will now be heavy on your pocket. From April 1, 2023, more toll tax will have to be paid for passing through the expressway. That is, from next month the toll rates are going to increase by 18 percent. Due to which the cost of commuting between the two cities will increase. According to the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC), the toll on the expressway increases by 6% every year, but is implemented simultaneously every three years. Earlier on April 1, 2020, the toll was increased. Notification regarding toll hike is issued every three years.

A senior official said that the MSRDC increases the toll on the e-way by 6 per cent every year, but it is implemented simultaneously every three years. According to calculations, the toll will be increased by 18 percent from April 1. Officials have said that the toll has been increased accordingly. According to the report, the toll tax of buses, cars and trucks has increased. Let us know which vehicle will have to pay how much tax…

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Know who will have to loose his pocket
Private vehicle drivers will have to pay Rs 320 as one-way toll on the 95 km long expressway from April 1. It is currently Rs 270. Car drivers will have to pay Rs 360 (Rs 320 on the expressway and Rs 40 near Vashi) to travel from Pune to Mumbai’s Fort area. Tempo toll will increase from 420 to 495. 685 instead of 580 for the truck. The bus will now have to pay a toll of Rs 940 instead of Rs 797. Due to increase in toll tax, the fare of taxis and buses on the routes of Mumbai and Pune may also increase. There is a possibility of passing the burden of increased toll tax on the part of bus and taxi drivers.

Know the specialty of this expressway
India’s first Access Controlled Expressway was completed in 2002. It is a 6 lane expressway. It starts from Kalamboli in Navi Mumbai and ends at Kiwale in Pune. This expressway passes through the beautiful Sahyadri mountain range. There are many tunnels in this 95 kilometer long expressway. Even though it has the distinction of being the country’s first expressway, it lags behind its peers in terms of speed. While the maximum permitted speed on other expressways is 180 km per hour, the maximum speed on this one is only 100 km per hour. Now the work of widening this road is going to start.

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