Troubled by not being able to sleep? Follow 6 steps, you will get relax in minutes, you will sleep peacefully even in heavy commotion


Nowadays, not being able to sleep early is a big problem for people.
Relaxing the mind leads to good sleep.

Sleeping Steps: Nowadays people are not able to sleep well due to mental stress or other reasons. Due to not being able to sleep well, people have to face many diseases. That’s why it is very important to sleep well. It is very important to know some methods for this. Today we tell you about the military method of the United States Navy Pre Flight School, with the help of which the pilot used to fall asleep within 2 minutes. This method is so effective that people can sleep despite the sound of gunfire. Let us tell you its 6 steps.

1. Relax your face: First of all you close your eyes. Now take a deep breath slowly. After this, relax all the muscles of your face. Relax your mouth and your cheeks. Then slowly leave the breath outside.

2. Relax your shoulder and arm: Now after lying down do not take any kind of tension. First of all, rest your neck by lying down. Feel as if you are sitting on a chair or bed. Now start with your right hand and slowly relax your whole body. After this, repeat the same action in the other part of the body.

3. Exhale: Now exhale slowly and loosen your chest. This will be very easy to do when your shoulder and body are in a comfortable position. You will be able to exhale easily.

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4. Leave the legs loose: After lying on the bed, leave both the legs loose. First start it with your right thighs. Put him comfortably on the bed or chair and let him relax. After this, do the same action with your left leg.

5. Now completely empty the mind: Admittedly, it can be difficult to completely relax your mind or not to think about anything at all. If this happens to you too, then keep a picture in your mind. This picture should be something calm and relaxing. This gives relaxation to the mind.

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6. Repeat these words: Now in your mind, say this sentence “Don’t think” again and again for 10 seconds. If nothing else, it can definitely help you. It can distract your attention from the thing that is not letting you sleep. Now imagine yourself lying peacefully in the dark and have a restful sleep. You will get good sleep with this practice.

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