Twitter : No WFH, no free food, 16 hours a day, Elon Musk ‘motivated’ employees like this


In the first address to Twitter employees, Musk warned.
A knowledgeable person told this to Elon Musk’s management style.
Even before this, they have been ‘motivating’ the employees by intimidating them.

New Delhi. The employees who were thrown out of Twitter must have broken a mountain once. But every day a new mountain is falling on those who have survived. New owner Elon Musk issues a new decree for him every day.

Musk has said this time that they (employees) will have to be ready to work 80 hours a week. 80 hours a week means 16 hours of work every day. Also, now no free food will also be available. Earlier, Musk has also ended the work-from-home facility.

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Elon Musk was addressing the staff for the first time since taking over the power of Twitter and the staff upheaval in the company. According to a person with knowledge of the matter, Elon Musk said, “If you do not want to come to office, then your resignation has been accepted.”

Elon Musk, in his first address to Twitter employees since buying the company for $44 billion, said that the company is likely to go bankrupt if revenue does not start coming in very soon.

layoffs still in progress
Elon Musk first laid off several executives in the top management, including CEO Parag Agarwal. After that about 50 percent of the employees were removed from the company. The process of layoffs, or to say that the expulsion of employees is not over yet.

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It has been written in a report of NDTV that people with knowledge of this matter have told that another executive has been discharged on Thursday. Joel Roth was an important part of the new team led by Elon Musk. Another officer, Robin Wheeler, also resigned, but Musk managed to stop him.

Musk’s style to scare employees
If in the case of Twitter, you are thinking that Elon Musk is intimidating his employees, then let us tell you that this is his style. A person keeping a close eye on the whole matter told that Elon Musk has been intimidating his employees to motivate them even before this. He said that this is his management style. Musk tries to prove that employees are not working hard and Twitter is facing a lot of trouble.

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Perhaps Elon Musk’s management style would be intimidating for motivation and he would like to get maximum work done from the minimum number of employees. Recently he said in an interview that he is working 120 hours in a week. They work, sleep, get up and go back to work. With this interview, Musk also tried to send a message to the employees that they too will have to work more.

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