Unhealthy air is fatal for lungs, follow these methods to reduce the effects of pollution

Protect Yourself from Air Pollution: With the arrival of winter season, the problem of air pollution increases a lot and it affects our lungs the most. Continuous exposure to contaminated air causes great damage to the lungs. Unhealthy air also increases the risk of many respiratory diseases. It is very necessary to live in fresh and pollution free air for good health. The American Lung Association encourages everyone to have clean and healthy air.

Contaminated air is like a silent killer to our body. Pollution affects our blood along with the heart and lungs. Small pollutant particles present in the polluted air dissolve in our blood, due to which the risk of diseases like stroke, dementia also increases manifold. According to the American Lung Association, the danger of contaminated air can be avoided with some measures.

It is very important to check the air pollution forecasts of your area every morning to avoid the outbreak of contaminated air. The AQI will let you know when the air level in your area is healthy and when it is harmful.

Avoid exercising outdoors when pollution levels are high. When the air level is bad, you can use the machine in the gym for shopping malls or walk inside the house.

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Avoid exercising near traffic areas to avoid polluted air. Reduce energy use indoors. Electricity and other sources of energy reduce air pollution.

– Encourage your child’s school to reduce the risk of pollution emissions by the school bus. Let us tell you that many school systems are working in the U.S. to clean up these dirty emissions. EPA’s Clean School Bus Campaign.

Use public transport instead of your car to reduce pollution. Avoid burning wood or garbage in homes.

– Use handheld or electric lawn care equipment instead of gasoline-powered ones.

Do not allow anyone to smoke inside the house. Along with this, support the measures to make public places tobacco free.

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