Urine stains don’t go away from the toilet seat? With these easy tips, you will be clean in a jiffy

Toil seat cleaning tips-The biggest risk of coming in contact with virus and infection is from the toilet seat. That’s why its regular cleaning is very important. Often you must have seen that yellow marks of urine fall on our toilet seat, which not only look ugly but are also fatal in terms of hygiene. Stubborn urine marks from the toilet seat do not go away even after rubbing the lacquer. Today we tell you three such tips, by which you will be able to remove these marks easily.

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vinegar- To remove stubborn urine stains from the toilet seat, fill vinegar in a bottle and then spray it all over the seat. After this, leave the toilet seat like this for about two or three hours. Now with the help of normal cleaner, remove the urine stains on the toilet. For this, it would be better to use a small brush used for toothpaste instead of a big brush.

Soda- Soda is used as an excellent cleaning agent. For this, mix soda in some water and spray it on the stubborn marks of the toilet seat. Now leave it to dry for two or three hours. After this, with the help of a brush, you will be able to easily remove these stubborn marks.

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Borax and Lemon Juice If you have yellow urine marks on your toilet seat, then a miraculous mixture of borax and lemon juice can make them disappear. For this make a paste by mixing borax and lemon juice. Now apply this paste on the spots of the toilet seat and leave it for two hours. They can be easily removed by cleaning the seat with a brush.
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