Use bleach for cleaning, these household chores will become easy in a pinch

Tips to use bleach for household works: Handling household chores in the winter season is no less than a big challenge. At the same time, to finish everyday work, people have to stay in water for hours even if they don’t want to. In this case, the use of bleach can be best for you. Yes, by using bleach in some special ways in winter, you can make many household chores easier in a pinch.

People use many hard chemicals to clean the house. Despite this, polishing the house becomes difficult for most of the people. That’s why we are going to tell you some tips to use bleach in home cleaning, with the help of which you can shine the house in minutes with less effort.

Prepare Disinfect Spray with Bleach
To clean the sealed tiles, wooden furniture and plastic items of the house in winter, you can prepare a disinfectant spray with bleach. To make it, mix 1 teaspoon bleach in 2 cups of water. Now fill this mixture in a spray bottle and use it for home cleaning. This will make your home clean and germ free.

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get rid of fungus
In the winter season, fungus i.e. mildew occurs in many corners of the house. In this case, you can easily say goodbye to fungus with the help of bleach. For this, dissolve bleach in water. Now pour this solution on the mildew on the bathroom tiles and other places and wash it after 15 minutes. With this, the mildew in the house will disappear immediately.

clean the linens
Shining linen in winter is a very difficult task. In this case, you can make this work easier by using bleach. For this, mix 1/3 detergent with bleach in the washing machine. Now wash the linen in this and wash it in a normal way. This will leave your linen looking spotlessly white and new.

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flowers will remain fresh
The use of flowers is common in home decoration. But after some time of decorating the house, the flowers start withering. In this case, cut the flowers from below in a diagonal shape. Now mix ¼ bleach in cold water and put the flowers in it. This will make your flowers look fresh and fresh for a long time.

Avoid these mistakes
It is better to use bleach in limited quantity while cleaning the house. In such a situation, by using more bleach, you can also see side effects. While using bleach in home cleaning, do a patch test. Also keep bleach away from children.(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general beliefs. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Before implementing them, contact the concerned expert.)

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