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Use rubbing alcohol with these tricks, including electronic gadgets, these things will look like new


Rubbing alcohol can be used to clean electronic devices.
You can also use rubbing alcohol to shine the jewellery.

Rubbing Alcohol Uses: Rubbing alcohol is commonly present in most homes. Which people use to clean small things. Do you know that rubbing alcohol can be very useful for you. By using rubbing alcohol in many everyday tasks, you can make many household tasks easier. By the way, the use of rubbing alcohol in cleaning proves to be very effective. It also has some side effects. Due to which people avoid experimenting with rubbing alcohol and use it only for essential things. Today we will tell you about some unique ways of rubbing alcohol, which can be beneficial for you to try.

shine jewelry

To clean the jewelry with rubbing alcohol, apply a little rubbing alcohol to the cotton wool. Now clean the jewelery with this cotton. With this, not only will the dirt in your jewelery disappear but your jewelery will also become germ free.

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cleaning electronic gadgets

Rubbing alcohol may be best used to clean electronic devices. For this, to shine things like smart phone, TV, fridge, tablet, laptop and computer, add a few drops of rubbing alcohol in cotton and rub things lightly with it. This will make all your electronic devices shine like new.

kitchen cleaning

Rubbing alcohol can be very helpful in cleaning dirty kitchen cloths and dishwashing sponge. For this, put rubbing alcohol in a vessel and soak dirty clothes and sponges in it. Now after a while, the kitchen cloth and sponge will be easily cleaned after washing with water.

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best room freshener

You can also use rubbing alcohol as a room freshener. For this, mix a little essential oil in rubbing alcohol and fill it in a spray bottle. Now by spraying it in the house, your house will start smelling.

Make Shoes Small Free

The use of rubbing alcohol can also be a good option to get rid of the smell of shoes. For this, spray rubbing alcohol on the shoes and keep it in the sun to dry. In no time the smell of your shoes will go away.

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