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Use this DIY makeup remover to avoid dry skin after makeup


You can easily remove makeup with coconut oil.
Keeps skin hydrated with olive oil
Aloe vera gel helps in brightening the skin

Natural Makeup Remover DIY : Most of the women are very aware and conscious about their makeup and always try to use good quality makeup, but they often make a mistake in all this, that is to use the right product to remove makeup. As much as it is necessary to apply good quality makeup on the face, it is equally important to choose the right product and process to remove that makeup. There are many makeup removers available in the market these days, but excessive use of them can leave the skin feeling dry and dry. Good quality makeup removers available from the market are expensive, which can be a bit difficult to afford, as well as the harmful chemicals present in the makeup remover can be harmful to the skin, that’s why we have brought for you very easy and cheap makeup remover DIY using which you can easily remove makeup.

These makeup remover DIYs improve the quality of the skin along with removing makeup
Coconut Oil Makeup Remover:
According to the style craze, coconut oil is a great option for removing makeup which can help in removing any makeup very easily and it keeps the skin hydrated. Coconut Oil Makeup Remover is safe for all skin types like dry, oily and combination skin.

To remove makeup with coconut oil –
You have to take organic coconut oil to remove makeup.
To remove the makeup, rub the oil directly on the face with your hands in a circular motion.
Leave the coconut oil on the face for some time and then remove it with the help of tissue or cotton cloth.
After removing makeup, you can clean with mild face wash or cleanser.
Aloe Vera and Olive Oil:
You can use aloe vera mixed with olive oil to remove makeup from the face.
Many anti-oxidants are found in olive oil and aloe vera which help in making the skin bright and healthy.
Take olive oil in a bottle and store it with about half the amount of aloe vera gel.
To remove makeup, apply the mixture of olive oil and aloe vera gel directly on the face and remove with the help of cotton.
After removing makeup, wash your face with cold water.

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