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Vastu Tips For Plant: If a plant is planted in the house then luck will open, know what will be the benefits

Vastu tips, Mayurshikha Plant Benefit: Tree plants enhance the beauty of the house and also improve the Vastu defects. Planting trees in Sawan, Bhado is considered to be the best. Some trees are considered sacred in Hinduism, such as Peepal, Tulsi, Vat, Banana etc. These trees work to remove many defects from life. There is a mention of such a plant in Vastu Shastra, due to which bad things start being done, there is never any shortage of money by planting it in the house. The name of this plant is peacock crest. Let us know the benefits of applying it at home.

Benefits of Mayurshikha plant

money problem

The flowers of the Mayurshikha plant look like the crest of a peacock. These purple colored flowers are like velvet. It is also called Morg. Its english is no peacock’s tail. It is believed that after applying it in the house, poverty never comes. Money related problems get resolved.

positive energy

According to Vastu, this plant is considered very beneficial to remove the Vastu defects of the house. Being in its house increases happiness and prosperity along with the beauty of the house. Negative energy gets destroyed. Positive energy starts circulating in the house.

paternal defect

If there is Pitra Dosh in the horoscope, then it will be auspicious to place it in the north direction of the house. It is believed that this reduces the effects of Pitta Dosha. There is happiness in the family. Gets relief from mental stress.

evil force

According to Vastu, by planting a Mayurshikha plant at the entrance of the house, evil forces do not enter the house. The health of the members of the household remains better.

full of medicine

This plant is used in Ayurveda. It is effective in the treatment of diseases like cold, acid, short, phlegm-cholesterol, astringency, diabetes.

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