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Vastu Tips: If there is a lack of positive vibes in the house, then do these 6 simple measures, negative energy will stay away – vastu tips to remove negativity from your home pra – News18 Hindi

Vastu Tips To Remove Negativity: Home is a place where one finds peace and tranquility by putting aside the tiredness and confusion of the day. But if there is an atmosphere of unrest, despair, sorrow, fights in the house, then even a beautiful place like home starts looking bad.

If you also feel such negative energy in your home, then we tell you important tips related to removing it. By adopting these Vastu tips, you will be able to bring happiness in your home. Also, negative energy will be away from home forever.

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Remedies to remove negativity from home
burn incense- One way to remove negative energy and to establish positive energy in your home is to burn incense in the house. It is believed that white smoke has both physical and mental health benefits. Also its fragrance helps in attaining spiritual and meditative state. That’s why definitely burn incense in the house.

white candles Lighting white candles in the house makes the atmosphere pleasant. White candles convert negative energy into positive energy. By lighting a candle in the east, north-east and south direction of the house, happiness and prosperity are established in the house.

fresh flowers Fresh flowers in a vase kept at home give positive vibes to the people around you. If there is a dry flower in the vase, remove it immediately. These dried flowers enhance the effect of negative energy.

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water fountain – Water is known to absorb bad energy. If there is a fountain in the house, then it is believed that negative energy flows with it in its flowing water. If you place a fountain around the entrance of the house, then it helps to stop negative energy outside the house. A dry fountain is inauspicious.

pink salt By sprinkling salt in the corners and carpets of the room, negative energy is removed from the house. Salt crystals have a natural ability to absorb negative energy. If you keep sea salt covered with a doormat, then negative energy remains away from it.

Bamboo plant If you plant a bamboo plant in the eastern corner of your home, it will help in maintaining mental and physical health. If you place it in the South-East it helps in bringing economic gains and prosperity in the family.

(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm the same. Before implementing these, please contact the concerned expert.)

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