Vastu Tips: It is easy to get blessings from eunuchs, it is very difficult to get this thing from their hands, luck will shine

Astro Tips: You must have seen eunuchs taking donations on marriage or any other auspicious occasion. The presence of eunuchs in auspicious programs is considered very auspicious. It is believed that giving donations to eunuchs brings happiness and prosperity in the house. It is said that eunuchs should never be cursed. Their curse is felt a lot. This is the reason why everyone happily donates to eunuchs.

It is said that donating to eunuchs brings blessings to the house. On auspicious occasions, happiness remains in the house with the blessings of eunuchs. Resident of Bhopal Astrologer Vinod Soni Poddar According to this, donating to eunuchs increases the auspicious effect of Mercury. People whose position of Mercury is weak in their horoscope, they suffer from financial problems, health related problems and debts.

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donate this to eunuchs
You can donate many things to eunuchs. Donating rice to them is considered very auspicious. Mother Lakshmi is very happy with this and there is never a shortage of food and money in the house. Apart from this, green colored clothes should be donated to eunuchs on Wednesday. It is believed that donating dholak to eunuchs boosts business.

eunuchs don’t give money
It is believed that eunuchs bless someone when they are happy and curse them when they are angry, but they never give money to anyone with their own hands. If you ask even 1 rupee from the eunuch and he gives it, then it is considered very auspicious. If a eunuch gives money to someone on Wednesday, then no one can stop his progress. This makes his Buddha strong and he starts touching heights. Happiness starts coming in his life.

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