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Venus will enter Scorpio on November 11 and Mercury will enter Scorpio on November 13, their earnings will increase.

Shukra Gochar 2022 in Scorpio, Budh Gochar 2022 , According to the Panchang, after the transit of Venus on November 11, now on November 13, 2022, after 09:19 PM, Mercury will also enter Scorpio. Mercury will stay here till 02 December 2022.

Venus transit 2022

According to the almanac, Venus is going to enter Scorpio on 11th November 2022. It will move from Libra to Scorpio sign. In astrology, Venus is considered the causative planet of enjoyment, love, romance, happiness and prosperity.

Laxmi Narayan Total of Construction

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These zodiac signs will get special benefit from the entry of Mercury after Venus in Scorpio. When Mercury joins with Venus, Lakshmi Narayan Yoga will also be formed in Scorpio. Income will increase due to the creation of Lakshmi Narayan Yoga. Let’s find out:-

Taurus Zodiac , During this period, the people of Taurus will get good results in the field. There will be profit in partnership business. Your family life will be very good during this period.

Cancer Zodiac , During this time, people of Cancer zodiac will benefit from their intellect, prudence and knowledge by creating two auspicious yogas. People associated with the field of education will get progress. You will get success in competitive exams and job. Love life will be better. the economic side will be strong

Scorpio Zodiac , During this, Lakshmi Narayan and Budhaditya yoga will be formed in your zodiac. Both these yogas are considered auspicious. This will give you benefits in different areas of life. During this, whatever decision you make with your intellect will be very fruitful. There are chances of getting immense benefits in the field of education to the people of the student class. There will also be progress in business.

Capricorn Zodiac , During this you will get the benefit of money growth. A big wish can be fulfilled suddenly. Business will boom. Any big and good business deal can be found. Earnings will increase. There will be success in new work.

Pisces Zodiac , With the transit of Mercury in Scorpio, you will get full support of luck. At this time, you will get benefit from the formation of auspicious yoga in the place of luck. Which will lead to more profit than expected. There are also chances of marriage. Manglik work can happen. There are yogas of travel which will be auspicious and fruitful. There will be good news from the side of the child.

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