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Verification is necessary before giving Aadhaar card as an identity card, misuse will be banned, know how to verify?


UIDAI said – no 12-digit number is Aadhaar.
To prevent misuse of Aadhaar card, its verification is very important.
Aadhaar card verification can be done from UIDAI’s QR code mobile app.

New Delhi. Using Aadhaar card as an identity card will not be easy now, as it is now necessary to verify Aadhaar card before giving it for this purpose. The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has said that before accepting Aadhaar as a document, institutions should verify it. UIDAI has said in a circular that verification will prevent misuse of Aadhaar card by criminals and anti-social elements in any possible situation.

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) on Thursday said that to establish the genuineness of any Aadhaar card, e-Aadhaar, Aadhaar PVC card and m-Aadhaar given as proof of identity, the individual will have to verify the Aadhaar number. . UIDAI said, “It emphasizes the stand of UIDAI that no 12-digit number is Aadhaar.

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How to verify Aadhaar card?
UIDAI has issued a notification regarding the verification of Aadhaar. In which information has been given to verify the QR code present on the Aadhaar card presented in any form by scanning it with UIDAI’s QR code mobile app mAadhaar application or Aadhaar QR code scanner, so that its veracity and reliability can be checked. The QR code mobile app of UIDAI is available on the App Store for Android, IOS and Windows formats.

Misuse and Tampering of Aadhaar Card is a punishable offense
UIDAI said, “Tampering of Aadhaar documents can be detected by offline verification, and tampering with the same is a punishable offense and is liable to punishment under section 35 of the Aadhaar Act.”

UIDAI has urged the State Governments to stress on the need for pre-usage verification and to issue necessary directions in this regard so that whenever Aadhaar is presented as proof of identity – authentication/verification of the resident against Aadhaar As is done using Aadhaar.



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